Silvia Cohen is a Graphic Designer / Photographer / Amateur Chef on her journey to a healthy lifestyle. Passionate about cooking, photo editing and eating and finding the perfect ingredients and recipes all around the world.


Silvia Cohen was born in Caracas, Venezuela. With a passion for the arts and an eye for beautiful things, she's lived a creative life no matter where she's been based. Officially, Silvia studied graphic design in Venezuela, but she's cultivated photography, culinary arts, and a love for visual expression throughout her life. With stints in New York City, Tel Aviv, and now Miami, Silvia created LeMishMash to share with others her journey of soulful, healthy eating. She has peppered a colorful aesthetic to her site and has garnered followers from every corner of the world, a true testament to the power of her visual storytelling. Silvia's recipes are easy, fun, and healthy; but most importantly they appeal to people everywhere. Silvia is a devoted mother of three children; she enjoys cooking, traveling and discovering beautiful things next to the love of her life Daniel. Together, they have built a welcoming home where spontaneous gathering are the sweetest.